Travel to Sri Lanka with Dream World Travel



Day 01 & 02 – Negombo

Negombo is a small fishing town  an ideal beach destination for incoming & outgoing travelers as it is located just 7 km away from the International Airport. The city was governed by the Dutch and Portuguese, &still has plenty to showcase its noteworthy colonial rule from the old Dutch Fort and Dutch Canal to the highly ornate St Mary’s Church, which is one of the larger cathedrals of Sri Lanka. The majority of the population here is Roman Catholic by faith. Many imposing churches, the sea, the Catamarans& the Fishing Village are the main highlights of Negombo.

Day 1 – Negombo

  • Arrival and assistant at the airport proceed to Negombo
  • Check-in at the hotel
  • Relax at the hotel
  • Evening proceed on Negombo city tour
  • Overnight stay at the hotel

Day 2 – Negombo

  • After having breakfast at the hotel full day leisure at the hotel
  • Overnight stay at the hotel

Day 03 & 04 – Dambulla

Damublla is reminiscent of the past. For many centuries, the surroundings of Dambulla, an area of over fifty acres, was the habitation of forest dwelling monks. While these had minimal contact with the public, medication was their main strength. Archaeological data confirm that the cave shrines of Damublla, renowned as the temple of the infinite Buddhas, was a place of religious worship when the capital was at Anuradhapura. According to extant inscriptions, the cave in the shrine as well as in the surroundings were donated to the monks by royalty, nobility, monks and nuns. More recently, the climb to the cave shrine, 600 feet above the plains and 100 feet above sea level, has been made easier.

Day 3 – Dambulla

  • After having breakfast at the hotel proceed to Dambulla
  • En route visit Pinnawala elephant orphanage
  • Check-in at the hotel
  • If time permits proceed to Sigiriya rock fortress if not next day early morning
  • Overnight stay at the hotel

Day 4 – Dambulla

  • After having breakfast at the hotel proceed on Minneriya safari at an additional cost if interested
  • Evening proceed on Village tour
  • Overnight stay at the hotel

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