Cost To Repair A Dryer from Red’s Appliance Repair of Alpharetta

It is difficult to estimate the final cost of a dryer repair if you hire Red’s Appliance Repair of Alpharetta technician to come to your home and repair it. The reason for that is, labor prices vary significantly, depending on where you are located, and what exactly needs to be repaired with the dryer.

In addition to that, some dryer models are more expensive to repair. For example, you are probably going to spend a little more if you have an experienced appliance service technician repair your gas dryer, as opposed to an electric dryer.

So what is the average cost to have a dryer repaired? As a service company operating in Ohio, we went back and compared the cost of repairing both, gas and electric dryers, over a three-year period. The average cost to have a dryer repaired, parts and labor, here in central Ohio, from our organization, was $134.29.

So if you decide not to be a do-it-yourselfer, how do you find an experienced appliance service technician to fix your dryer?

The very first thing that you should do is ask your neighbors and relatives if they have had a good experience, or a bad experience, with a local appliance service company. Regardless of what they say, you should check with the Better Business Bureau. If you find that an appliance service company has a low rating with the Better Business Bureau, you should stay away.

When you decide to call an appliance service company, to service your gas or electric dryer, you should find out if they work on a flat rate labor bases, or do they charge by the amount of time it takes to repair the appliance. We recommend that you stay away from appliance service companies that charge by time, because it is in the best interest of that company to take extra time. In addition to that, if they send an inexperienced technician, you may wind up paying for his on-the-job training. It is best to select an appliance service company that works on a flat rate, even though you may think that flat rate is kind of high. For example, a flat rate of $89 for labor, to repair a gas or electric dryer in the middle of United States, is a fair rate.

Finally, when you call an appliance service company to fix your dryer, ask them how much they charge for just a diagnosis, if you decide not to repair your dryer. Sometimes that is referred to as “the service charge”. In other words, if an experienced appliance service technician comes to your home, diagnosis the problem with the dryer, and gives you a written estimate in advance of all charges, parts and labor, what would you pay if you decide not to have it fixed? If you have an older dryer, you might decide to replace it based on the cost of the estimate, with a new more energy-efficient dryer.

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