Improving Communication With Video Conferencing

Improved communication for your business with video conferencing

There are often times when a quick meeting between a client and a supplier would have saved a whole lot of bother. Live Meeting lets you discuss and collaborate easily, as well as saving the documents, comments and doodlings of your clients – all in one place.

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Popular scenarios:

Do your customers buy data/information in any form?

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If you’re an architect, accountant, graphic designer, lawyer, SEO, management consultant or any other profession whose primary goal is to sell information to a customer, then you’ll love Live Meeting. Easily set up regular meetings with your customer, and create a dedicated ‘virtual conferencing room’ just for that customer.

Every time you decide to hold a meeting, the private video conference room is opened. Inside, all the documents and files you’ve been working on can be saved and viewed by your customer. Upload new files, or make changes together. With Live Meeting, the documents are accessible at any time, wherever you happen to be.

If she spots a problem or wants to make a change, you can allow program sharing to work on something together. Save the new version, and keep all your documents in one place.

There’s no limit to the number of meetings you can open, and unlike old fashioned video conferencing, there’s no hourly charges – just a low-cost monthly fee. Your client does not need to be a license holder to participate.

Are you a designer?

We’ve got an idea for you. Present your proofs to your customer without asking them to come into your office, or having to email them. Upload your designs, and invite your client to a Live Meeting – she doesn’t need to have a license or even the software to join in.

Present your designs in real time, and ask for feedback. Your client can comment, draw on the whiteboard and make notes. The whole process is saved on the Conference Centre, so you can easily go back to the meeting and review anything you might have missed.

Every time you open the meeting room, your whiteboard, notes, and documents will all be there waiting for you. Upload your recent work, and stay organized by having all the drawings saved in one place.

And if you’re billing the time of your meeting, don’t worry! Live Meeting automatically saves the dates and times of each meeting automatically.

Job sharing? Colleague can’t make the meeting?

One enormous benefit of a Live Meeting is the ability for it to be recorded. Save a copy of the meeting on your computer, or on the Conferencing Centre. Allow your colleagues who couldn’t make it to view what went on, or invite home-workers to participate in the meeting as well.

If you’re sharing a job with someone else, then having a recorded Live Meeting to go back to is a fantastic way of catching up with what’s been going on. Better yet, all the shared notes are saved in one place, along with documents and the whiteboard. Talk about efficient!

What about your new product or service?

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Launching a new product? Forget about leaflets. Use the power of Live Meeting to show off your new product, and ask them to interact with you by asking questions and making suggestions. Actually engaging your audience this way makes your new product much more likely to sell.

How it works: invite the customers you think will be interested to attend your Live Meeting. Upload a powerpoint presentation, and talk your customers through it. Demonstrate the features and benefits, and get them to ask questions via the text-based Q&A panel.

At the end of your presentation, answer any questions or give the floor to anyone attending who can add to the discussion. Your customers will go away with a much clearer idea of what you’re offering, and you will have gained valuable feedback. All for less than the cost of printing 100 leaflets!

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