Improving Communication With Video Conferencing

Improved communication for your business with video conferencing

There are often times when a quick meeting between a client and a supplier would have saved a whole lot of bother. Live Meeting lets you discuss and collaborate easily, as well as saving the documents, comments and doodlings of your clients – all in one place.

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Popular scenarios:

Do your customers buy data/information in any form?

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If you’re an architect, accountant, graphic designer, lawyer, SEO, management consultant or any other profession whose primary goal is to sell information to a customer, then you’ll love Live Meeting. Easily set up regular meetings with your customer, and create a dedicated ‘virtual conferencing room’ just for that customer.

Every time you decide to hold a meeting, the private video conference room is opened. Inside, all the documents and files you’ve been working on can be saved and viewed by your customer. Upload new files, or make changes together. With Live Meeting, the documents are accessible at any time, wherever you happen to be.

If she spots a problem or wants to make a change, you can allow program sharing to work on something together. Save the new version, and keep all your documents in one place.

There’s no limit to the number of meetings you can open, and unlike old fashioned video conferencing, there’s no hourly charges – just a low-cost monthly fee. Your client does not need to be a license holder to participate.

Are you a designer?

We’ve got an idea for you. Present your proofs to your customer without asking them to come into your office, or having to email them. Upload your designs, and invite your client to a Live Meeting – she doesn’t need to have a license or even the software to join in.

Present your designs in real time, and ask for feedback. Your client can comment, draw on the whiteboard and make notes. The whole process is saved on the Conference Centre, so you can easily go back to the meeting and review anything you might have missed.

Every time you open the meeting room, your whiteboard, notes, and documents will all be there waiting for you. Upload your recent work, and stay organized by having all the drawings saved in one place.

And if you’re billing the time of your meeting, don’t worry! Live Meeting automatically saves the dates and times of each meeting automatically.

Job sharing? Colleague can’t make the meeting?

One enormous benefit of a Live Meeting is the ability for it to be recorded. Save a copy of the meeting on your computer, or on the Conferencing Centre. Allow your colleagues who couldn’t make it to view what went on, or invite home-workers to participate in the meeting as well.

If you’re sharing a job with someone else, then having a recorded Live Meeting to go back to is a fantastic way of catching up with what’s been going on. Better yet, all the shared notes are saved in one place, along with documents and the whiteboard. Talk about efficient!

What about your new product or service?

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Launching a new product? Forget about leaflets. Use the power of Live Meeting to show off your new product, and ask them to interact with you by asking questions and making suggestions. Actually engaging your audience this way makes your new product much more likely to sell.

How it works: invite the customers you think will be interested to attend your Live Meeting. Upload a powerpoint presentation, and talk your customers through it. Demonstrate the features and benefits, and get them to ask questions via the text-based Q&A panel.

At the end of your presentation, answer any questions or give the floor to anyone attending who can add to the discussion. Your customers will go away with a much clearer idea of what you’re offering, and you will have gained valuable feedback. All for less than the cost of printing 100 leaflets!

Innovative Trends In Flooring

Choosing the right type of floor makes a room looks good. Your guests will be impressed with the modern look of your house, once you apply new floors, following the latest trends. Applying new floors is not complicated and there are inexpensive options, too. The types of flooring vary, and so do the sizes, shapes, colors, glosses, etc, so people can choose whatever fits best for them.

The appearance of a room is influenced greatly by the way the floor looks. That is why home owners need to choose the floor types carefully, only after having gathered lots of information from interior design specialists. There is plenty of decorating tips on the Internet, too, so browse the floor-related web pages to get informed. You will notice you have plenty of flooring choices, such as parquet, carpet, laminate, tiles, cork, linoleum, etc.

The new trends in flooring today show that uniformity is sought after. Uniformity is preferred both in flooring throughout the house and on the walls, too. It is modern and practical as well to coat with the same material as the floors. Modern flooring types need to allow for underfloor heating, since this type of heating is used increasingly. Tiles are fashionable now, as they have always been, especially large format tiles. Small spaces look bigger if large format tiles are applied. Such floors are also easy to clean. Marble tiles are popular, too, both in traditional and contemporary houses. Floor glitters with an industrial look, in aluminum shades, are trendy as well.


Ecological materials are used on a larger scale, as people want to protect the environment. Cork and bamboo floors are preferred to other traditional options. Thin hardwood flooring that costs less and cuts less wood from the tree is also increasingly popular. Another environment-friendly option is to apply laminate floors. They look like hardwood, cost less, and have a high gloss finish. Either very dark or very light flooring are also trendy. Bamboo floors are popular, due to their glossy and smooth surface.

Deciding on type of floors is not easy, so it is recommended to get as much information as possible beforehand. There are dedicated Internet web pages on this subject and lots of specialists to consult. You need to choose floor types that fit the surfaces in each room, according to the subflooring and the moisture level as well.

Resource: DirectHardwood Charlotte Flooring

White Label SEO IN Baltimore

White label SEO is a business understanding between two gatherings in which a SEO affiliate up-sells the SEO administrations offered by a DCA Digital SEO, by not uncovering the character of the supplier. As a rule, the SEO affiliate is an Internet advertising (IM) company.

Numerous IM organizations that give different IM administrations to their customers, will purchase SEO administrations from SEO suppliers and exchange those administrations to their customers, when they don’t have adequate aptitude to give SEO administrations. As white mark SEO is advantageous to both SEO affiliates and SEO suppliers, it is picking up notoriety. In this article, let us check how white mark SEO benefits them two.


Advantages caused by SEO affiliates

• Can grow the extent of administrations offered to their customers

There are numerous IM organizations offering a wide scope of Internet promoting administrations to their customers. Be that as it may, some of them might not have enough or no ability at all to offer SEO administrations. Because of the consistently expanding interest for search engine streamlining (SEO) to sites, it has turned into an essential administration to be advertised. Accordingly, SEO exchanging empowers the Internet advertising company to extend the extent of the administrations they offer to the customers.

• Can develop their customer base

On the off chance that a company isn’t in a situation to offer SEO administrations, and there is a gigantic interest for that administration from customers, the company may lose many existing customers and furthermore pass up a great opportunity numerous chances to gain new customers. By turning into a SEO affiliate, organizations without the aptitude of SEO can underwrite the skill of SEO suppliers. They can give SEO benefits along other Internet promoting techniques and consequently can develop their customer base.

• Increased benefit without expanding assets

Another essential advantage of SEO exchanging is, a company can give the administrations without selecting new individuals as they need not build up these administrations all alone. This will spare the use of enrolling new individuals and offering compensations to them. Consequently, a company can build its benefit without expanding assets.

Fable 3: Online Gaming

Well I just finished up Fable 3 and, after 30.6 hours in game I can say, it was pretty good.  You play as the prince of Albion, a fictional place based in the early industrial period.  Your brother is King, and he’s well….a giant dick.  Well he’s not literally a giant dick because then the game would have an x-rating but he’s metaphorically a giant dick.  In other words, he’s bad.  I wonder why the term dick is used to describe people as bad.  That doesn’t make sense.  Anyway, the game starts out with your brother forcing you to make a choice.  No matter which way you choose, you loose.  This makes you angry and your brother confines you to your room after some of his goons rough you up.  Later that night you escape the castle with your trusty friend Walter and 80 year old man servant, whom I can’t remember the name of but is voiced by John Cleese.  After your heroic flight from the castle your real adventure begins.

You will travel all over Albion as you try to gain support to overthrow your deutsche bag brother.  Getting this support will require you to make promises to those who help and support you.  This will be important later in the game because you will choose whether to keep or break those promises.  I don’t think it spoils anything to tell you to keep your treasury full of gold, you’ll need it to keep those promises.  While your playing quests for the main story you’ll have the option to complete side quests.  Doing either the main quest or the side quests earns you “guild seals”.  You will spend these “guild seals” to upgrade your abilities.  You will also make friends, buy property, and ,if you feeling so inclined,  marry and have children.  If your curious about how children are made then you should have had that talk with your parents a long time ago.


There are meta achievements for this type of behavior of course, but they have no impact on your story or game play.  Despite that I found myself seeing how many wives and children I could have.  I don’t think there is a limit but make sure you keep them in separate towns.  Your wife won’t like meeting your other wife, for obvious reasons.  Damn, women are so possessive.

While the content in the game is strong, combat is severely lacking.  It seems the developers tried to implement a block and dodge mechanic but they just don’t work.  I myself am not a fan of this mechanic in these types of games.  I prefer my character to level and increase a chance to block or dodge on his own while I mass my abilities keys or click the mouse.  You’ll be able to cast spells, as well as equip guns and swords.  You can switch between these fairly easily.

The graphics and musical score are very good.  Environments and music do a good job of helping immerse you in Albions world, whether conveying a sense of forbidding or beauty.  Each zone had a look that was given a feel by the music and the people in that zone.  Depending on your popularity with the people, the villagers will have different dialogue for you.  You’ll have no trouble knowing where you stand with them.

The game itself doesn’t end when you complete the main story.  You can go back and do side quests, earn more cash, um…meet more women, or roll in your giant pill of gold.    The game also includes a co-op component, which I did not get a chance to experience, that will let you quest with a friend.  Even the sex parts are meant to be shared in co-op, giving new meaning to cybering.

Quality Air conditioning London

The temperatures are blazing hot and humid making your heat pump or air conditioner work hard during London summer months. The winter brings bone chilling cold. But year round, you sit in your home, enjoying a climate controlled environment. Yet your home is always comfortable. Why? Because your home air systems have been installed and serviced by Air conditioning London.



Air conditioning London can take care of all your heating and air conditioning needs. Is your thermostat broken? Is the AC unit out of order? Has your furnace stopped blowing hot air? We can handle it. With years of experience under our belts, your air systems will receive the quality care they need when we’re on the job.

Our services include…

  • Air conditioning, furnace, heating, thermostat, and ventilation system installation
  • Air conditioner and furnace repair
  •  HVAC maintenance and repair
  • Residential and Commercial Heating and Air Contractor

Air Conditioning London For Heating and Cooling

Air Conditioning London works on  HVAC systems with you in mind. We have crews on call day and night for any refrigeration or heating or cooling emergency.

Give Air Conditioning London a call. Your home will get world class, energy efficient climate control from world class HVAC professionals.